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Residential and Commercial Landscaping for over 30 Years!

Paradise Landscaping is much more than a regular landscaper. With more than 30 years of experience and the latest in state of the art landscaping technology, Paradise Landscaping should be your First Choice!
We want to make sure that your landscaping is healthy and beautiful. Here are some of the landscaping methods we use:

Drip Irrigation – This form of landscaping technology is widely used in agriculture and landscaping to directly apply water to the exact location that it is needed. There are many forms of drip irrigation systems. With the most common standard type, we install emitter tubing above or below the ground. This is perfect for shrubbery and flower beds near houses, fences, trees, barns or other structures.

Wireless Moisture Sensors – This is a new technology that automatically waters grass and landscaping when needed and the sensors will monitor soil to prevent overwatering. The Wireless Moisture Sensors are usually easy to program.

High Tech Spray Nozzles – With several options to choose from, the High Tech Spray Nozzles are great for robotic spraying, sealant spraying, pressure washing and other uses that require high pressure. The tips are interchangeable for the selected landscaping need.

Grading and Drainage Control – Here at Paradise Landscaping, we are experts at Grading and Drainage Control. We follow a multi step process to make sure that every project has adequate grading to help avoid drainage issues and runoff. When you are ready to start your project, we will prepare a solid Grading and Drainage Control plan for you to review.

Drought Tolerant Plants – California has been hit with the most severe drought in the state’s history. To help our customers comply with local and state water restrictions, we offer a full array of sturdy drought tolerant plants. We have many varieties of drought tolerant plants to provide color and enhance your home value and experience.

Apartment Buildings


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Residential Ponds


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Residential Irrigation


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Residential Retaining Walls


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